The Biggest Playoff Droughts in American Sports

The American sports have some noticeable droughts in history. The games include football, hockey, basketball, and baseball. Droughts and playoffs happen in sports due to so many reasons, but players always do their best to break it. Here are some of the playoffs and droughts in American sports in different games.


Buffalo Bills: The Buffalo Bills had their last playoff appearance in the year 1999. It is a difficult thing to believe the long wait and pain that the Bills have gone through. In the 1990s they had a significant dominance, but that came just to be history. The team seems to put effort into making the defense stronger which may contribute little to ending the drought.

St. Louis Rams: The Rams had their last playoff in the year 2004. They are still waiting and the duration they have to wait can’t be told by anyone. Their defense is said to have some of the best players in the whole league. The challenge that Rams face is the quarterback; Nick Foles has failed to be a franchise savior in that area. Raising the standard to above average can lead to ending the drought soon.

Oakland Raiders: Oakland Raiders have survived the biggest strategies, by now they would have gone underground, but its good they are standing and moving on. They have very great talents which are starved under unclear drafting. If something is not done then, the drought may go on.


Minnesota Timberwolves: The last playoff for T-Wolves was in the year 2004. The team now is operating under a fully new force that could see the drought end soon. Kevin Love’s time and dominion is over, and Andrew Wiggins now is leading the team bringing in hope for a better future.

Detroit Pistons: The Detroit Pistons which had their last playoff appearance in the year 2009 have some great pieces; however, that is not a guarantee that they are heading to being contenders. The Pistons may get some favor because they participate in the Eastern Conference and getting a playoff is a bit easy.

Sacramento Kings: The Kings had their last playoff appearance in the year 2006. The strength that the Kings got from its good players like Chris Webber, Mike Bobby and Peja Stojakovic in the early 2000s did them a little favor because they never made it to the finals in Western Conference. The Kings are now waiting for their luck.


Seattle Mariners: The Seattle had their last playoff back in 2001. In 2014 they had a winning record, the last offseason was promising to them, and they made a commitment to winning. The biggest challenge ahead of them was to battle Oakland A’s one of the teams that has high payrolls in baseball.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Blue Jays’ last playoff off appearance was in the year 1993. Their hard work has made them have some positive results, in 2014 they had a winning record of 83-79. The great talent and hard work in them can make them have significant achievements soon.


Edmonton Oilers: Edmonton’s had their last playoff appearance in 2005-2006. They are having some high expectations for the coming seasons. The challenge that they face is that they are still rebuilding and this can make the waiting a bit longer.

Carolina Hurricanes: The Hurricane’s last playoff appearance was back in 2008-2009. Their journey to rebuild and come back has been a tough one with the worst happening when Jordan Staal broke his leg. The time that they will have to wait can’t be predicted considering that the previous seasons they didn’t record good results.